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The division is expertise in Telecommunications, Networking, Office Automation and Projects. The Telecommunications Group is engaged in executing turnkey communication solutions for Small, Medium and Enterprises and its operations cover a wide area such as IP Telephony, Key Telephone systems, Intercom systems, Contact Centre Solution, Video conferencing, DECT, Wireless LAN, DATA Networking, Servers, Storage, Two-Way Digital Radio Communication system, Point to Point and Multipoint Links.

The Networking Group undertakes structured cabling projects, networking projects requiring High end Switches, Routers, Network Security, Firewall and all active and passive components. The Office and Home Automation Group carries the full range of office equipment’s and Home Automation solution to have centralized control over home gadgets like lighting, weather, audio/video etc.

There is a synergy between all the Business Groups, thereby making SMARTVISION a "one stop shop" for large and small business establishments as well as for homes. All activities are supported by a large service set up consisting of trained and Certified Service Engineers and a team of Installers to carry out in house installation and maintenance service.

Wireless networking is transforming the enterprise by infusing all parts of the operation with mobility – a strategic advantage for all lines of business including operations, administration, and other business and mission critical applications.

With Our enterprise solutions, you will also drive down IT costs and be able to quickly deploy the latest applications and services. A proven leader in enterprise-class wireless networks, Meru enables toll-quality voice, high definition video, and high speed data to all transact on one network, while maintaining corporate governance and information security that is essential for today's pervasive wireless networks.